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Our Mission

Music Therapy St. Pete uses music as a therapeutic tool to accomplish non-musical, therapeutic outcomes. Our mission is to advance music, health, and humanity through compassionate, evidence-based music therapy, while continuing education, research, and advocacy.

Our Story

Since 2015, we have been serving all Pinellas county with the highest-quality music therapy services. We partner with families, day centers, health care settings, and educational organizations to improve patient experience, health, and quality of life.

Meet the Team

Our music therapists are highly educated, board-certified, and ready to provide music therapy and related services for your organization or your loved ones.


James Riley

Director of Program Development

This isn't James... it's a stock photo! Site under construction.


Sarah Michaels

Music Therapist

This isn't Sarah, either... it's also a stock photo! Site under construction.


Carly Jewel Green

Music Therapist

Guess what. This stock photo isn't Carly Jewel, either. Site under construction.


Elli Riley

Education and Creative Arts

Also not Elli. Beautiful pictures to come!

Next Steps...

Give us a call at (727) 350-7897 or e-mail to learn more. Let's get started today!