Connector, Reflector, or Director?

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Social Media Advocacy Month #mtadvocacy 2016

In honor of Music Therapy Advocacy Month, Dr. Dena Register asks, “Are you a Connector, Reflector, or Director?“ Know thyself better, then apply your unique perspectives and skills to advance the field of Music Therapy!

Connectors seek to understand people’s interests and motivations in order to develop relationships and establish common goals, such as uniting our colleagues of varied biases or inspiring state legislators.

Reflectors absorb information with an open, non­judgmental mind to distill the most salient points. We assess complex issues but provide simple, almost common sense explanations to bride multiple perspectives, illuminate obscure concepts, consolidate talking points, and prioritize action steps.

Directors assimilate the contributions of Connectors and Reflectors, “see the big picture of possibilities that exist beyond the current situation,” and lead towards the best possible future. We push towards ideals and navigate day-­to­-day progress, while adapting to changing circumstances or priorities. 

“So how about you? Are you a Connector, Reflector, or Director? Or maybe there is another description you would use? We would like to hear from you about other characteristics or personalities that you find ‘key’ in advocacy.” For more information, visit the CBMT's State Recognition page or read Dr. Register’s article titled, “Social Media Advocacy Month 2016.”