The Kidz Club St. Petersburg

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The Kidz Club PPEC (Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care) provides skilled nursing care for children birth to 21 years old with ongoing medical conditions. This program is a very helpful alternative to home health or institutionalized services, which allows families to enjoy a more typical day.

This program helps each child with their unique medical, educational, developmental, and social needs. Music Therapy St. Pete, LLC is so proud to support the development and well-being of each child at The Kidz Club St. Petersburg. MTSP provides research-based music interventions to motivate, engage, educate, exercise, and entertain! Music is something the kids really enjoy, and really remember; they are excited for Carly Jewel to visit again soon! They smile, sing, dance, and share. Mood elevation and quality of life are very important, but through carefully selected songs and music-related activities, we strategically work towards social, communication, academic, motor/physical, and developmental outcomes. When describing music therapy, we often say that children love the music, but the families and team members value the therapy!

On Facebook, The Kidz Club has shared some lovely pictures of our music therapy groups! Follow The Kidz Club here, and share those beautiful smiles!