I Sense So Much!

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Looking for a fun way to start conversations about all of the unique things that we hear, see, touch, taste and smell? Check out James Riley’s 5 Senses song! A fun mindfulness technique to help kiddos explore what each sense really is, and identify 5 items around them that can be sorted into each category!

Consider incorporating additional sensory stimulation to match each of the senses:


  1. Hide sight words, animals, numbers and other fun objects relevant to your goals around the room to provide additional visual stimulation!
  2. Choose a specific wall, area, object or person to focus on and note 5 things you see, or 
  3. Choose items from around the room to incorporate into the lyrics!


In addition to using the mindfulness that comes with sitting and listening, consider using a sound app for added auditory stimulation, or to aid in creating a soundscape of your own! Check out some sound apps we've been using:



Did you know that your tongue will immediately register the feel of an object simply by looking at it? Try it out right now! Look around the room and experience the sensory phenomenon of knowing exactly what that carpet, tile, windowsill, plant, will feel like on your tongue!

Provide sensory toys and fidgets, stuffed animals, carpet squares, blankets, and a variety of other objects to aid in exploring the sense of touch. Discuss similarities and differences between objects in the room. 


Talk about your favorite foods, and sort into categories, or simply discuss the similarities and differences of sweet, sour, bitter, salty and savory.


Provide some candles or scratch and sniff cards to enhance the experience!


Close your 5 Senses intervention with a discussion of how to incorporate multiple senses at once. When we step outside, which senses are we using? When we get in bed, what do we see, hear and feel? To demonstrate a multisensory experience, consider using an app such as Fluid Simulation or ThisisSand to explore touch, hearing, and sight all at once!

Check out the full video on YouTube! And download the free lead sheet right here 🙂