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Music Therapy can empower and engage you or your loved one. Music Therapy can support your organization’s clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction.

Music Therapy (MT) is the research-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals through a therapeutic relationship with a board-certified music therapist. Research supports the effectiveness of MT for social and communication skills, academic and developmental maturation, physical rehabilitation, emotional support for clients and families, motivation to engage in treatment, patient satisfaction, cognitive orientation, and overall well-being and quality of life.

Music Therapy St. Pete, LLC (MTSP) is proud to serve all ages and abilities, across Pinellas and surrounding counties. Plus, we are now providing effective music therapy and adaptive music lessons online, and available across the country! Our music therapists are eager to help you, your loved one, or your organization; call (727) 350-7897 or contact james@mtsp.com today!


Music Therapy (MT) can improve health outcomes and increase patient satisfaction for skilled nursing facilities, day care treatment centers, schools, neuromuscular rehab facilities, medical hospitals, hospice programs, community mental health centers, drug and alcohol programs, and most clinical settings.

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One-on-one services promote the functioning and well-being of children, adults, and elderly with autism, developmental disabilities, brain injuries, dementia, acute and chronic pain, physical disabilities, and other medical conditions or special needs.

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Music Therapy St. Pete, LLC is proud to offer more than music, too! We teach yoga, art, dance, choir, academic tutoring, and more. Contact us to explore what’s possible and allow us to design innovative programs to fit your goals.

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With therapeutic training and insight, we also provide music lessons adapted to the physical, emotional, social, communicative, or cognitive needs of the budding Beethoven or hopeful Hendrix of any age.

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