Music Therapy (MT) is an established health-care profession that applies music-based interventions within a therapeutic relationship to address social, emotional, behavioral, physical, psychological and cognitive needs of individuals. Whether in one-on-one sessions or large groups, we assess the strengths and needs of each client, and provide innovative and effective treatment including creating, singing, moving to, listening to, and/or playing along to music. Through involvement in this unique therapeutic context, people feel accepted, understood, and motivated; they make real change in non-musical domains of health and well-being, and their strengthened abilities are transferred to other areas of their lives.

Music therapists apply evidence-based music interventions to:

  • Lessen the effects of dementia for older adults
  • Improve social skills and communication capabilities of children with autism, ADHD, and intellectual and/or developmental disabilities 
  • Build meaningful and inclusive curriculum for adult day centers and educational facilities
  • Reduce pain and isolation for patients in inpatient/outpatient and long term care
  • Improve motor function and enhance voice volume and quality for those with Parkinson’s disease
  • Increase intentional gross and fine motor control for individuals with apraxia
  • Promote autonomy and increase self-expression for any individual!

Music is a beloved and transformative tool that music therapists have been specifically trained to use in clinical practice. We are musicians, yes, but we are therapists first and foremost. Music Therapy St. Pete, LLC. serves ...


MT is designed around each person's unique abilities and interests to develop sensorimotor, social, communicative, emotional, behavioral, physical, and cognitive functioning. We are proud to offer ADAPTED LESSONS that incorporate clinical insight and therapeutic skills to accommodate auditory, visual, tactile, and social sensitivities.  We assess physical and emotional needs to enable successful performance through innovative equipment and compassionate teaching. We are inclusive, supportive, and excited to teach music!

We welcome all ages and abilities.


Day centers and group homes schedule MT to provide engaging and educational classes. MT motivates everyone to participate and is thoughtfully designed so that persons of all mental and physical ability can experience success.


Familiar music performed by a compassionate therapist helps to maintain or increase an elderly person’s physical, mental, social, and emotional functioning. The sensory and intellectual stimulation of music can help improve a person's quality of life.


Individuals with congenital or acquired conditions are able to play instruments, sing songs, read stories, play games, be creative, and interact with peers—just as every person deserves. Meanwhile, the therapist is maintaining sanitary procedures and infection control, deftly adapting to medical equipment, and addressing the overall functioning and well-being of patients.


Schools often seek MT services as listed on the Individualized Education Plan for mainstreamed learners. Music learning is used one-on-one or in small groups to strengthen nonmusical areas such as communication skills and physical coordination skills which are important for daily life.


Music Therapy St. Pete, LLC is proud to work with these populations, and eager to expand our reach! We continue to build on our diverse clinical experience and abundant research literature. We aim to have a wide impact on the health and well-being of individuals and organizations across Pinellas county and the greater Tampa Bay area. 

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