How Can I Help Music Therapy St. Pete?

Thank you for your help. Whether you’re a current or potential client, a music therapy advocate, or a personal friend or family member, your support is really appreciated. Just reading and sharing this post is already a great help, but with a few brief moments, here are 5 simple things you can do that will go even further!

1. Google “Music Therapy St. Pete” to leave a 5-star rating, and you can share a review to help other people understand how music therapy has helped you, your organization, or your loved ones. A good testimonial helps people understand our value. You can also leave a lovely rating on Facebook!

2. Word of mouth support is the most important way you can help Music Therapy St. Pete. Please refer use to families and healthcare organizations. Please help people understand music therapy. Please share our contact info so people can even ask us for more info! Word of mouth is the most important help you can provide. Thank you for helping this small business better serve more people in our community!

3. Pictures! It’s amazing the power of a good visual aide! However, it’s a little difficult to collect enough audio/video examples. If you have any pictures that we may share publicly or use in marketing materials, please send them to

4. MTSP is focused on our clinical work, but we do have some social media presence. We appreciate you following us on Facebook @mtstpete and Twitter @mtstpete. It's so good to see reactions, comments, and shares!

5. Finally, let us know how we can help you. What questions do you have? What can we do differently? How can increase our positive impact? Or perhaps you just found a typo on our website? Write to or text/call (727) 350-7897. Thank you for your support!