Did Your Hospital Make the 2015 Honor Roll?

Music Therapy is the specialized application of evidence-based music interventions to accomplish non-musical objectives through a therapeutic relationship with a Music Therapist – Board Certified (MT-BC). Whereas “music medicine” is the use of passive music listening in waiting rooms, surgery centers, emergency departments, and other … Continue readingDid Your Hospital Make the 2015 Honor Roll?


Discipline is a process whereby certain relationships (cause-and-effect associations) are established. It is a way of behaving, conducive to productive ends. First, it must be taught (through consistency and contingencies); secondly, it must be learned (i.e., internalized) (Madsen & Madsen, 1998, p. 5). Madsen, C. … Continue readingDiscipline


Bear in mind that we all are teachers, we all are students, and that to “transfer” is the process of moving an object, symbol, or idea from one closed system to another, when the two systems contain similar aspects or some similar relationship, yet retaining … Continue readingTransfer